Aspiring to Quality

We adhere to high quality standards

A firm grip on quality

Excellent and consistent quality has been the uppermost principle of our company activities ever since it was established. This will also drive our actions in the future.

Here are some key aspects of quality from Türmerleim:

  • selected raw materials
  • optimum storage and transport conditions
  • application-oriented R&D
  • innovative new products
  • environmentally sound packaging
  • comprehensive technical support
  • on-time deliveries

We are a renowned company with an experienced team of employees. We offer our customers a high level of product safety. Quality has been put into practice at Türmerleim day in day out for generations. Customer satisfaction is one of our paramount business principles. We aim to make a positive contribution towards our customers’ success. This of course includes on-time product supply.

Türmerleim is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.