Strong solutions for bags

Türmerleim provides high quality adhesives to perfect your paper packaging:

  • for the bottom seam
  • for the side seam
  • for attaching handles

Türmerleim’s starch-based adhesives are being constantly advanced and continue to set the bench-mark in the industry. Take as an example the high quality starch pastes for the production of bags, which have earned their excellent reputation by allowing clean machine operation and consistent product quality.

Türmerleim stands for innovation: We offer you first-class solutions with synthetic water-based adhesives (such as dispersions) or with hot-melts.

We can also provide you with a perfectly suited adhesive formulation for your specialized applications such as strip window bags, either when high thermal stability is required or under refrigerated conditions. If you operate with hot-melts, we will also be happy to give you information on our hot-melt adhesives.

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