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Wood glue construction counts on Türmerleim

Türmerleim combines high-quality adhesive systems with state-of-the-art machine and software technology in the production of load-bearing wooden components. High-quality adhesives are essential for the production of load-bearing components such as glulam, solid structural timber, cross-laminated timber or I-beams. Our reliable solutions are the Kauramin®* glue resin systems based on melamine as well as the Elastan® TLP adhesives line based on polyurethane, which has expanded our range of adhesives for load-bearing glulam construction since the beginning of 2022.

Our adhesive solutions show their full quality under the most diverse processing conditions. Whether it’s a case of short pressing or long waiting times, processing at room temperature or in a high-frequency field, curved or straight components, finger-jointing or surface bonding, joint-filling or thin adhesive joints, or anything else in between: Our approved adhesive systems impress with a wide range of applications. Of course, we are on hand at all times to provide technical service to answer any questions you might have related to gluing.

However, not only do we offer high-quality adhesive systems, but also specially developed glue application systems and digital assistants – in the form of our PAM-platform for web-based assistance systems and machine data.
In doing so, we combine the most sophisticated machine and software technology with innovative adhesive technology – to ensure your success in the market.

* registered trademark of BASF SE

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