Our History

Family business on course for expansion

Innovative since 1889

Türmerleim was founded in Ludwigshafen in 1889 by Ferdinand Pfeiffer.

Production of adhesives rapidly developed into its core business and has remained so until this day.

Ever since back in the early days, adhesive technology has evolved at a tremendous pace. Adhesives based on natural ingredients such as starch, dextrin or casein still form an important part of our product range. These have been joined by synthetic adhesives which hold the most dominant position in the market today. We focus on dispersions based on polyvinyl acetate and hot-melt adhesives.

We have been BASF SE sales partner for its surface-bonding Kaurit® glue resins* since 1946. In 1982, we also took on product sales and support for its melamine-based Kauramin® glue resins* which play a significant role in this branch today, especially in the field of load-bearing wood bonding.

Family business on course for expansion

The increase in production volumes in the 1990s led us to construct a new plant in Schifferstadt, located near to our head office in Ludwigshafen. Since then, we have consistently expanded this plant, thus creating the basis for further growth and ensuring security of supply for our customers.

In 1992, Türmerleim AG was founded in Basel, Switzerland. Today, they serve the Swiss and French market for us.

Türmerleim, a family business in its fourth generation, steadfastly takes on each and every new challenge in the marketplace. With our expertise, our committed employees and our proficient R&D, we are ready and waiting for every customer requirement and future demand.    

* registered trademark of BASF SE